I am a project owner

You are in charge of the who, what when. Then:

How it works

This is the process. If you are still working with tools like email, word, excel (Which are great tools...but not for that) then it will be obvious to you what a time/effort saver SpecBlitz! can be :-)So, after signing up and setting up your account, this is what you need to do:

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Create a project

Everything is attached to the project. The project is the root.

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Add teams

... and add users to each team. One team is the owner, other teams can contribute, answer, participate into discussions. You could have a team of people from your organization, a team of people from your supplier, maybe another internal team so that they can contribute to it or another external team. A user can participate to multiple teams and have multiple roles ...

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Add documents

... or let someone from your team do it. Set deadlines and press publish !

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Sit back relax, and watch it happen...

... While you can work on something else, you can see the progress, questions being asked, discussed, reaching the "Closed!" state when everyone agrees ! All team members will be able to look at the documents, add questions, have discussions, settle to a common understanding or an agreement and then close the question.

Want to know more ?

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