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You can use SpecBlitz! to review the specification document before sending it to the supplier. Or you can review the supplier analysis after they have sent it back. Eliminate unlimited back and forth exchange of document, question list...etc. Email is great, but SpecBlitz! is a specialized tool made to manage this process. You won't go back to emails...promise!
Sow how does it works :

How it works

This is the process. If you are still working with tools like email, word, excel (Which are great tools...but not for that) then it will be obvious to you what a time/effort saver SpecBlitz! can be :-)So, after signing up and setting up your account, this is what you need to do:

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I am invited to a project

... then I can consult and read the documents.

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Have a question ?

... add it to the list, describe it, add text or images or links. When you are ready you can publish it . The other teams working on the same project will then be notified that there is a new question. Its id is unique and won't change throughout the whole project.

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Discuss it

... anyone part of the teams associated to the project can participate in the discussion. The owner team can close the question when an agreement has been reached or all members have a common understanding.

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... rince and repeat :-)

... Chose the next question and jump in the discussion...or close it ! By default you will see the questions that you need to work on (those not closed, and another team added something in the discussion) so it's easy to focus on the content instead of spending time and energy in managing the chaos ! Your team could create hundreds of questions. But you always know what to work on, what has been answered...etc.

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