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Introducing SpecBlitz: Revolutionizing Collaboration in Specification Documents

Are you tired of the endless back-and-forth between customers and suppliers when it comes to creating or updating software tools and applications? It's time to revolutionize the way you collaborate with SpecBlitz, the ultimate SaaS solution designed to streamline your specification document management!

Discover how SpecBlitz will transform your business with our top features:

Have questions ? Get answers :-)

Add questions to your specification document. Team members can view, discuss and answer.

Quickly reach a consensus

Get notified when someone answer. Get to the final answer and clarification faster.

Manage the chaos, see the progress

Filter to see only unanswered questions. See the work that need to be worked on. Reach the " done!" status faster.

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Work with many teams, projects

You can create projects with documents then add teams and members (Your team, the supplier team, a third party...) and set responsibilities.

Works like you do

You can add questions to a document, have a discussion on each question by any team member and quickly reach a consensus.
No more exchanged excel or word files via emails
and many different versions in everyone computer !

No more unturned stone

You can track each question, see its progress, focus only on what was not answered yet...etc. At any time, you know what still need to be answered, what has been resolved so you can see how this is progressing.

Better quality in less time

Spend your time and energy answering or asking questions, not managing them. You will stay focused on the real work and achieve a better quality in less time.

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